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This website will tell the story of Thomas Smith (1688-1768), who
probably arrived in New England in 1719 with other Scotch-Irish immigrants,
and is mentioned as an original settler of Chester, NH in the early 1720s.

Little is known of Thomas' early family background,  but one history says he may have come
to Chester from Hampton. Another clue is found in some early land deeds. In one, he transfers
land to "my loving & dutiful uncle Thomas Brown" and in another, he speaks of the "parental love
and affection" he holds for his cousin Samuel Brown. These names suggest that Brown may have
been Thomas' mother's maiden name.     Around 1735 he moved to the area that would become
New Boston, cleared the land, built a home and became its first settler.

Goffstown News Article about Thomas Smith

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New Boston, NH Historical Society


Four of his sons are often mentioned in histories of that time - see the descendant lists
for Samuel and John above. Another son, James, froze to death while traveling in New Boston.
Son Reuben was living in the area in 1782, but was gone by the 1790 census - and local stories
mention that he moved to the Passamoquoddy area in Maine after serving in the Revolution.
Notes on the "Reuben Smith" quest
Reuben may have been one of the many New Boston residents who joined the Cape Ann Association
after being recruited in 1784 by the British who wanted settlers for the New Brunswick, Canada area.
There is a "Ruben" Smith on the list of original settlers at Passamoquoddy, and this 1785 map of the
settlement shows "Reuben" Smith's lot in the upper left quadrant. Many other familiar New Boston
family names are listed also. Information about this possible branch of the family will be posted
here as it is uncovered, and any contributions will be very welcome!

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Old Chester files
New Boston History files

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The "Real" Smith Burying Yard - New Info

Some Other New Hampshire Cemeteries
Dodge/Balch Cemetery, Colburn Road, New Boston, NH

New Boston Cemetery, Cemetery Road, New Boston, NH

Old Hill Graveyard, Hovey Road, Londonderry, NH

Valley Cemetery, Pillsbury Road, Londonderry, NH

Chester Village Cemetery, Route 102, Chester, NH

Information about Early American Gravestones

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