Reuben Smith - from New Boston, NH to St. David, NB ??
As I discover information that may help us find Reuben, (the son who left New Boston
for Passamaquoddy between 1783 and 1790), I'll post it here.
Revised July 18, 2004

This land petition (below) might be from the son of our Reuben (son of Thomas)???? If you 
just add the word "New" to his claim of being born in "Boston" it would all fit.
The Green Brown who owned the property first is a descendant of the Browns in Hampton. 
These may include the Thomas and Samuel Brown that our Thomas Smith sells land to in 1725 or so.

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BROWN [Green Brown A86 and James Brown A172] 

[Reference: Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. Land Petitions : 
Original Series, 1783-1918. RS108, Smith, Reuben, 1825, Charlotte County, Microfilm F4202]

To His Excellency Major-General Sir Howard Douglas, Baronet, Lieutenant-Governor and Commander
in Chief of the Province of New Brunswick.

&c. &c. &c.

The Petition of Reuben Smith of Saint James in the County of Charlotte.
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Humbly Sheweth:

That your Petitioner is a British (???) Subject, born in (New???) Boston, in the Year one thousand
seven hundred and eighty three is married, has ten children, is Forty two Years old, and has never
received any Land from Government

That it is his intention and he has the means, should his Petition be complied with, to continue
to cultivate and improve according to the tenor of the Royal Instructions, and has not directly
nor indirectly agreed for the Sale or Transfer of the Land now asked for, to any person or persons

That your Petitioner accompanied his parents and other Loyalists, in seventeen hundred and eighty five,
to Charlotte County when an infant.
(Our Reuben left New Boston for Passamaquoddy between 1784 & 1790, a Reuben Smith is on the list of settlers as arriving
in St. David, Charlotte County spring of 1785. (see )
Notice all the familiar New Boston names in this list.
That your petitioner in the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty four, purchased for
five hundred Dollars, a farm Lot in the parish of Saint James situate on part of reserve Number One

The said Lot having been sold by John DeWolf of Saint Stephen as Deputy Sheriff to satisfy some
Executions pursuant to authority to that effect, given by Green Brown the Occupier, who has since
left the province.

That Green Brown received the said Lot from his father the late James Brown Senior, who was one
of the Oldest settlers and had lived thereon nineteen Years, under a Minute of Council, from one
of the Deputy Surveyor General Generals of Woods.

That there is a frame House and Barn thereon, and about thirty five acres cleared and under good
cultivation and fenced being the Western part of Lots Numbers three and four, lying West from Block
Lettered J. in Wentworths division of the Cape Ann Grant, [p.2] Grant [sic], bounded Eastwardly by
Land now applied for, by Joseph Connick on the West Side of the Dennis Stream Lake, Northerly by Land
occupied by Thomas Brisley, Southerly by the parish Road and Westerly by a Gore Lot at the North
Westerly angle of Marks’ Grant, granted to William Grant containing in the whole about Ninety Acres.
(See the Dennis Stream area here:
(this is southwest of "our" Reuben's original grant at P2 in Wentworth section of St. David
(see )

(Further - although still there in 1788 (see,
by 1790, Reuben has apparently abandoned his property, and a McLaughlin now owns it
(see )
(The McLaughlins also originally came from the New Boston area
(see )
Your petitioner therefore prays that he may receive a Grant of the said Tract,
on such conditions as may be deemed proper under the circumstances

And as in duty bound will ever pray

Saint Stephen )

20th April 1825 }

Reuben Smith. May 17th 1825

The Situation herein described is vacant and unapplied for Crown Land

Tho Baillie[,] Jus. General

[p.3:] Charlotte, ss.

Be it remembered that on this twentieth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and twenty five personally appeared before me Colin Campbell, Esquire,
one of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the County of Charlotte aforesaid,
Reuben Smith the petitioner, and made oath that the several facts stated in the
foregoing Petition are just and true.

Colin Campbell[,] J.P.

[outside panel 1:]

Reuben Smith

[outside panel 2:]

Complied with 14 Feby 1827

Reuben Smith

9th Decr. 1826

Referred to a full Council - 19th May 1825 pd.